Lots to do at LDJ HQ!

Hey Dolls I’m flying in with this months blog – its a busy one!!

Recently Iʻve been working on our NEW PET RANGE! Did you know? We have jute bags, personalised bowls, treat bags – what else would you like to see? Its looking fabulous and i have 2 lovely testers very patiently waiting for their pooches bags!!

I think our spring weather has finally arrived!
Ive got the sunglasses, just need to ditch my “big coat” lol! It really REALLY makes me want to jet off somewhere lovely when the sun is shining – its just freezing still! But we’re 20 weeks on countdown to America now!! We’ve just booked a few days away to a lodge in the Lakes. It has a lovely green for Billy to play football, free wifi for Evie, a pub to please Steve and I and plenty of walks & a stream for Poppy!!
I’ll need my washable tote bag for that definitely! They’re really roomy with long handles & just £14.99 posted – if you’d like one give me a shout on facebook & send me a message – there’s a gorgeous *new* Easter Bunny Designer Doll, shes gorgeous & perfect to bring out every year x I have a very long to do list & getting products on here is at the top!

What have I been up to?
Well I had a fab night out for my birthday, my husband took me out for a lovely meal and far too much wine! And I’ve been out celebrating my sisters birthday. Wine, Gin & Prosecco were involved in that one and we all had a good laugh at some old photos that my Mum brought out with her! I wore my bargain leopard print biker style jacket from Selfridges – (actually it was a Primark concession but it was IN selfridges…! Plus lets face it you wont get a jacket from there for 20quid!) Ive just tried to find it online to show you but its disappeared! If you spot it try it on its really nice x

Right I must rush off lots to do for Easter, our Apparel launch is also on countdown along with our Pet Range! Eeeeek!! Finally getting near that finish post with all the lovely changes for LDJ.
Let me know in comments what April has in store for you!
Loads of love
Tracey x

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