Hello! Im Tracey, Creator Of Love Designer Jutes x

Hi!!! Well its been a while hasn’t it?!
We’ve been so busy expanding our gift boutique that i havent checked in with you all for ages! Sorry! So I thought what best way to kick off our new regular blogs than to reintroduce myself!

Hello, lovely to meet you x
I’m Tracey, creator of Love Designer Jutes. This is me…

I’m also a busy mother and wife, life in our house is always full of surprises!
So here’s a little bit about me personally – it’s always good to know who you’re buying from & who will be creating such a personalised product for you isn’t it?

About Me…
I love anything arty, I love quirky little shops and anything handmade. I adore my children and feel so lucky to be blessed with a girl and a boy, although trying at times they are my world! My family & friends are very important to me – so is matte lipstick, laughter, chocolate, shopping & putting my feet up with my husband and enjoying a takeaway with a gin & tonic or 3 – when we’re not allowed out to party 😉 But that’s enough about me cos after all – my products are all about you!

About Love Designer Jutes…
The story of my jute bag journey started simply. It began Christmas 2012 when I wanted to purchase personalised jute bags for my daughter and 2 nieces. Like many families, my siblings and I kind of set a budget for each child’s gifts. I soon realised there was no way I could buy them all jute bags – and you know what girls are like – you can’t buy one without the other can you!?

So as I scrolled down the options of various sellers I didn’t really feel like I was buying a ‘personalised’ gift. Yes there was options to change hair & eyes but I was faced with many restrictions on outfit choices and accessories and really none of it reflected the girl’s individual personalities anyway. That’s when I made my own, in my own style. I was so proud of my designs that I also made other family members one for Christmas too… and they LOVED them!

Soon I was busy enough to make it a business. Now ‘Love Designer Jutes’ is a brand, not just completely personalised, beautiful and AFFORDABLE jute bags but other gorgeous products too and it just keeps growing – come and have a nosey in my Shop. Stay tuned with me too on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram it would be lovely to chat with you 🙂 Or why not subscribe to my monthly email? Just 12 a year at the start of each month packed full of girly gossip, new products and special offers!

While you’re out & about you’ll spot one of my unique bags easy enough as they are embellished with a hand set luxury trim. There’s no preset designs either – anything is possible! Because of this it inspires girls and ladies to have the confidence to carry their personality round on their arm – whatever that may be!

Thank you for visiting me, enjoy your online shopping and I look forward to creating an order for you soon x
Lots of Love & Sparkle

Tracey x


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